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Business Growth Boot Camp Part 2: Understanding Digital Marketing & Creating Measurable Results for Your Brand Cleveland, Ohio

This is part two to the Business Growth Boot Camp: Understanding Digital Marketing Series. In this session, we will learn to think outside of the traditional marketing box by identifying some alternatives that your company may not be thinking about. This session will be led by Marisa Pisani, Director of Marketing Strategy and Automation at Adcom. 

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Building Education Series 2018: Case Studies of Exemplary Efficiency Projects Cleveland, Ohio

There are multiple benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy that go beyond the traditional measures of reduced energy demand and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But the top reason that people, companies and governments choose to use energy more efficiently are: Energy efficiency and renewable energy saves you money. Hear from five leading organizations who will share their exemplary energy projects and implementation strategy.

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COSE WebEd Series - Business Insurance: An Insider’s Look

This webinar is tailored for business owners who are tired of not understanding their business insurance. Get the insiders look of what insurance carriers and brokers look for when underwriting business insurance. Rob Strachan of Strachan Novak Insurance and Grange Insurance will walk through the baseline coverages of insurance and what they look for in an A+ client.

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COSE WebEd Series: The Rise of the Bots -- What You Need to Know

With people spending more time messaging than surfing social networks, chatbots has become one of the best ways for brands to leverage technology into better conversations, better engagement, and better personalization. In this talk, Ryan Gialames from Robots and Pencils will guide you through the chatbot trend -- what are bots, who’s using them, why you should use them and how to get started for less than you may think.

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Tech Week 2018

Launched by OHTec in 2011, Tech Week is an annual initiative to support, celebrate and engage the local tech community.  Our original intent was to expand upon the Best of Tech Awards and to increase awareness of the IT industry in Northeast Ohio. Since then, we've expanded our efforts by developing new partnerships to include programming that supports entrepreneurs, executives, students, educators and other stakeholders of the IT industry.

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Investor Series W25d
w25d logo

Get an insider’s look at the new w25d project happening in the Ohio City Neighborhood. The commercial side of the project includes commercial space, transportation, streetscape, parking and community park improvements for the betterment of the neighborhood.

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Cleveland B2B Matchmaker 2018 Cleveland, Ohio

The thirteenth annual Cleveland Matchmaker Event is a unique small business contracting event, which presents a great opportunity for small businesses to gain access to buyers that represent millions of dollars in purchasing. The goal of the event is to create future contract opportunities for your small business through one-on-one sessions between buyers and sellers.

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