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The COSE Strategic Planning Course is a six-month, results-oriented process that delivers concentrated executive-level business education and exceptional networking opportunities. The course is designed to help you overcome obstacles while building the foundation to take your business to the next stage. Based on your business type, you'll be matched with a course alumnus who will serve as your mentor and attend one of ten 4-hour class sessions with you.

Plan to Succeed - Why This Course is a Must

A well-designed strategic plan can improve business performance, increase profits and focus your efforts. Working with class instructors and your personal mentor, you'll examine every element of your business, outline goals and objectives, create an action plan and lay out the expected results.

During the course, you'll also work with peers and advisors to address common challenges facing many businesses including managing growth, succession planning, securing capital, facing stiff competition and more. During the six months you're in Strategic Planning, you'll dissect and re-plan your company from the ground up focusing on your markets, customers and competitors.

When the Course ends, your new found focus will be on:

  1. Increasing your profits
  2. Spending more time strategizing and implementing, and less time doing hands-on work
  3. Developing a game plan that allows you to get out on your terms

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Graduates of the course have great things to say. See for yourself:

The COSE course offers a unique opportunity to meet and learn from seasoned mentors, while identifying and applying growth strategies specific to your business. Through this experience, we better understand how to focus our resources in a few core areas to maximize success. 

Mark Kogelnik, Watterson & Associates 

One of the benefits of participating in the Strategic Planning Course is that it provides clarity to your role and the roles of others in the your business.  For example, as president, I thought I was an integral part of my company. However, I was wrong.Through the guidance and information obtained in this course, I came to the realization that 90% of what I was working on during the day could be handled by other people in the office. Now I am in the process of working toward rectifying this situation. This in turn will allow me to make better use of my time in managing and growing the business. I guess this could be said to be my “ah ha moment."

        - Sue Klemenc, Klemenc Construction Co., Inc.

The Strategic Planning Course has played a huge role in the success of my company. The insights gained, lessons learned and relationships developed have enabled our growth as a company and my personal transition from technician to leader. Now the course serves as a vehicle to train and inspire my staff, the people who will drive the next phase of our growth and run the company in coming years.

- Paul Doherty, Wecall Inc.

I think the most important thing is when you start a business, you’re just worried about making money on an annual basis and not thinking of the future of the business. What the COSE Strategic Planning Course brought to me is there needs to be an exit strategy. If I had known how to structure the business with an exit strategy in mind from the beginning, I would have done things differently. Instead, now I’m in the latter part of my business years and have to restructure and figure out how to set up my exit strategy.

- Tony Skerski, Transaction Realty

And here are more concrete examples of how graduates of the COSE Strategic Planning Course are using the lessons they learned during the course to help their businesses succeed: 

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